Tradedoubler’s targeting technologies

What is interest based advertising?

Interest based advertising is Tradedoubler’s solution for optimizing the selection of ads for a certain user. The selection of ads is based on an interest profile built up during visits to websites in the Tradedoubler network.

Interest based advertising step by step:

1.A website user browses sites across the Tradedoubler network (affiliate- and ad networks). The category of each website is saved to a cookie in the web browser.

2. When the website user browse sites related to cars the counter for category “Automotive” is updated in the cookie.

3. Ads are selected and shown to the user based on the category count in the cookie. A user with a higher than average count in the “Automotive” category will be shown more ads related to cars.

Categories and interest profiles

The system is based on 20 categories; for example Sport and Travel. The only information that is saved in the cookie is a counter showing the amount of times a certain category of website has been visited and the time of the latest update of the counter.

Below you can see the information that have been stored in your web browsers cookie.
Category Count

What is retargeting?

Retargeting is Tradedoubler’s solution for displaying ads based on which websites or pages the user has visited before.

Retargeting step by step:

1. The user browses the website of a Tradedoubler client that runs a retargeting campaign.

2. Information on what pages the user visits on the website is stored in a cookie in the user’s web browser.

3. When the user visits sites in the Tradedoubler publisher network ads are shown to the user based on the information in the retargeting cookie.


For the website user targeting means that more relevant ads will be displayed, ads that match the user’s interests. For example, a user visiting more travel websites than average will be served more ads related to travel. A user being interested in a certain product will be served ads with offers related to that product.

For the advertiser targeting means enhanced possibilities to reach a certain audience across Tradedoubler’s network.

For the publisher targeting means a possibility of higher return from the advertising inventory. As more relevant ads are shown for a user the probability that the user notices the ad and acts upon its message increases. This will in turn affect the value of the inventory and hence the possible return from it.


Tradedoubler does not save any personal information in the cookie and cannot connect the information in the cookie to a specific person.

We follow the IAB guidelines for behavioural targeting in our targeting solutions. Please read Tradedoubler’s privacy policy for more information.

You can opt out from our targeting solutions by clicking the button “Block targeting” below, when you have opted out you will not be served ads based on your interests and no targeting information will be stored in your web browser. Note that the blocking ends if you clear your browser from cookies.

Also a publisher can choose not to serve ads with Tradedoubler’s targeting solutions; this is done in the publisher account settings (“Site information” section).

Delete targeting cookies

Your interest profile can be removed by clicking the button “Empty cookie” below or by deleting your browser’s cookies.